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In Topic: How to unlock Sony Ericsson W995 CID 53 RED?

02 July 2024 - 14:16

In case of Sony Ericsson W995 with CID 53 unlock is possible. You need to have proper service tool and knowledge how to use it or you can contact me via private message :)


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In Topic: Z1010 Data Cable

04 June 2024 - 16:08



It depends what service tool you will be using. For SEMCTool v.8.4 i recommend Sony Ericsson DSS-25 sync station - works as service cable. For Setool2 box for example i recommend Setool Box RJ45 cable.


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In Topic: Gdzie wrzucać modyfikacje do Sony Ericsson K810?

19 April 2024 - 17:39

Co konkretnie Ci nie działa? Masz napisane gdzie co wrzucać: https://sony.yt/topi...yfikacje-k810i/w pierwszym poście.

In Topic: A2 Uploader (A2 tool) - Tutorial

19 April 2024 - 17:36

You are welcome :) I know that's so hard to find firmware for SEMC phones, that's why im keeping alive this forum for as long as i can :)

In Topic: U100i Firmware

11 April 2024 - 12:46

We do have tutorial for FAR manager, but it's for patching purposes: https://sony.yt/topi...2-based-phones/. The difference for flashing is you must get far manager (for example from our 4shared download section -> software folder) and make sure there is JDFlasher plugin supporting DB3350 chipset. Then you have to choose that plugin in step two and follow program instructions. To be honest i've never flashed SEMC phones using far, because i've never had to - so i can't help you more.



 Also is there a paid service for the same?

Theoretically yes, but the problem is i don't have free time recently. Will be in touch with you via PM message.