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Please help unbricking my hard bricked Xperia TX

25 June 2019 - 14:53

Hi Guys,


I've flash a wrong kernel to my tx and I think it is hard bricked with the following symptoms:

  • can't power on after flash,
  • no lcd or led reaction for power button,
  • no lcd or led reaction for charger,
  • no lcd or led reaction if phone is connected to PC,
  • your PC can't detect your phone with vol-,
  • phone does not vibrate when holding vol+ and power together.

I followed the steps in 



1. qhusb_dload device is successfully shown in my devices manager

2. install the latest Gordon's Gate Flash Driver (

3.run the s1tool

4.flash my tx in EDL mode with APPSW firmware which is the unpacked file in  R10AM003.S1_MSM8960_S1Boot_1255_9860_Live_HWID6B50E1.rar from the above link 

and the log is:Attached File  Session0(25_6_2019_21_41_24).txt   1.89K   1 downloads


So I try to flash the unpacked file of  9_2_A_1_205.APP_SW_Hayabusa_GENERIC_1253_6298_S1_SW_LIVE_7054_PID1_0002.rar

from https://sony.yt/topi...-tx/#entry46047

and showed Attached File  Session0(25_6_2019_21_51_25).txt   2.15K   1 downloads

I thought my tx is fixed but it was not. I still cannot power on the phone.


What else can I do? Many thanks.