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#43729 Modyfikacje C902

Posted by payjo73 on 10 January 2015 - 17:03

C902 mini SuperFunction v1.1_Beta by Strong

1. Manual focus
Set camera to landscape scene to activate manual focus
use the EV +/- to adjust.

2. Manual focus at video mode
At video mode set night mode by pressing num six(6) at keypad, use the EV +/- to adjust.

3. Manual contrast
Set camera to spot, use the EV +/- to adjust.

4. Manual saturation at  portrait scene
Set portrait scene by pressing num six(6) at keypad, use the EV +/- to adjust.

5. Manual ISO, go to effects at menu of camera then you can set iso as below:
   Black&white=  ISO 100
       Negative =  ISO 160
           Sepia =  ISO 200
         Solarize = ISO 400

patch c902 r3eg004 AO and elfpack

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#43670 Edit A2 camdriver

Posted by payjo73 on 29 December 2014 - 10:55

Edit camdriver Video Movie Size
Format support:
xx=HL yy=VL zz=FPS
--[140,F0,BB8] // VR QVGA 320 x
240 ->0B
--[160,120,BB8] // VR CIF 352 x 288
-> 0C
--[190,F0,BB8] // VR WQVGA 400 x
240 -> 09
--[280,1E0,BB8] // VR VGA 640 x
480 -> 08
Table Colors Correction for this
models K850/C902/C905/W902/
zz = color correction 00 = disable,
01 = enable
xx = 00 - 7F = cyan, 80 - FF = red
yy = 00 - 7F = yellow, 80 - FF =
Table Colors Correction Flash
#SET_REG(97,xx) =>blue
#SET_REG(98,yy) =>red
#SET_REG(99,ww) =>yellow, cyan,
only works for the models k850,
c905, c902, w902, w995
good luck guys
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#43664 Fixed Blue Ring Of Death K850

Posted by payjo73 on 29 December 2014 - 05:41

Fixed BROD You will need:
1. A2Uploader
2. USB cable
3. Back-up of YOUR unpatched phone_app.cxc or better yet a back-up of YOUR entire "boot" folder
1. Make a folder named "boot".
2. Inside it put the back-up of your phone_app.cxc or all the files the files that are normally in it. (phone_app, pcore, phone_acc and the other one)
3. Now zip the "boot" folder.(It must be in .zip not .rar !!!)
4. Start A2Uploader, and near the box where it says "MISC" click "...".
5. Now select the archive that you just made.
6. Click FLASH, remove and then re-insert the battery of your phone.
7. Hold "c" or "2+5" button (ON THE PHONE) and then plug in the USB cable into your phone.
8. Wait until it's done. (It may take sevеral minutes)
9. After it's done, disconnect the phone, remove the battery for 30 seconds, insert it back and power the phone on.
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