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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 04 September 2011 - 20:08

Welcome to our community. In this topic you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions, some important information about your Sony Ericsson phone, basic tips on how to improve its performance and capabilities and what steps to take to change or modify its software, remove simlock, or repair it.

1. How to check which phone model do I have and when it was manufactured?
There are a few methods, but the simpliest one is to remove the battery from your device - there's a few information underneath it, including phone model and the date of manufacture - e.g. 09W36 means that your device was manufactured in 39th week of 2009. This information might be important since you can avoid buying a product from the defective batch.

2. How to check my phone's IMEI number (and verify its legality)?
You can read the IMEI number of your device by turning it on and entering the following code: *#06# . You can compare it with the one printed on the box that it comes with and thus ensure if your phone isn't stolen.

3. How to enter the hidden Service menu?
Sony Ericsson products have such a hidden menu in which you are able to check some informations like the model name, software version, sim-lock status and do all necessary service tests including display, keyboard, microphone checking and many more. To enter the menu turn your device on and enter the following key combination: * > * < < * < * , where "<" and ">" symbols are the movements of joystick to the left and right / pressing left and right button on the d-pad / movements of the jog dial one click down and up (depending on a type of the phone you have).

4. Which platform is my device based on?
A phone platform (DBXXXX) is an equivalent of a chipset for the PC. On the attached list you can find your phone model and check which platform it is based on. In this way you will know which program to use to modify your phone and what modifications are possible for the particular platform. The list can be found here.

5. Which program supports my phone platform?
a) For the oldest Sony Ericsson phones with the old type of data connector there is a program called SEMCTool. The latest version is 8.4. Unfortunately it is not free, so you have to get it on your own. Also it needs an Ericsson service cable or DSS-20 / DSS-25 cradle to operate. Theoretically the program supports all the models based on DB1000, DB2000 and DB2010 platforms with the dataport connector. In practice it may refuse to cooperate in many cases (it does not support CID 36 phones, doesn't have the "rest" files for all software versions). In case of occuring any problems it is recommended to visit a phone service point.
b) For the first models with a fastport connector (K750i/D750i/W800i) with CID 36 there is a program called G-Flash.
c) For all Sony Ericsson A1-based models with CID from 49 to 52 there are programs called SeTool2 lite (the latest version is 1.11 - Attached File  Setool2lite_V1.11.rar   43.03MB   2632 downloads ) and XS++ (the latest version is 3.2 -

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d) For all Sony Ericsson A1-based models with CID up to 53, there is FAR file manager with jdflasher and SEFP plugins. FAR can be downloaded Attached File  FAR_with_SEFP2_cxcPatcher_CID36-81.rar   20.32MB   273 downloads.
e) For all Sony Ericsson A2-based models with CID up to 53, there is a program called A2Uploader, which can be downloaded Attached File  a2uploader.rar   1.7MB   743 downloads.
f) For all Sony Ericsson A2-based models with CID above 53, there is FAR file manager with SEFP2. This program will also support older phones. FAR with SEFP2 can be downloaded Attached File  FAR_with_SEFP2_cxcPatcher_CID36-81.rar   20.32MB   273 downloads.

6. Which version of CID my phone has?
CID ## - the level of security of your phone. The higher the CID is, the newer version of security your phone has. To check the version of CID, use the program supporting your phone and click "identify".

7. Which certificate (color) my phone has?
Certificate can be checked the same way as CID version. By default, your device should have the RED certificate and only such phones are accepted by warranty services and supported by SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service). For some modifications the BROWN or BLUE certificate is needed. Of course you can always return to the RED certificate and get your warranty back.

8. Will the phone modifications make my warranty void?
Yes. Any unauthorized changes to the software, the certificate, the customization pack, the firmware and so or removing the simlock will make the warranty void. However, you can always return to the exit point (a state from the time of purchase) and, in some sense, get your warranty back. But keep in mind that you make any of the modifications on your own responsibility and Sony.yt is not liable for any damages or losing the warranty.

9. What is a flash menu? Does my phone support it?
Flash menu is an animated phone theme, which consists of two files: *.thm and *.swf. It allows you to get an animated wallpaper, change menu icons and add some effects in a form of vibrations when navigating menus. All of the A2 platform phones support flash menu. To check if a particular A1 model supports flash menu, have a look at that list.

10. My phone's menu is not available in Polish/Russian language. What can I do?
In Sony Ericsson A1 and A2 based phones you can upload your desired menu language by yourself. To do this, you must equip with a program designed from your model, USB flash drivers, DCU-60 / DCU-65 data cable, MAIN file suitable for your model and CID version, FS (filesystem) file marked as "CENTRAL_EUROPE" and suitable for your model and CID version, and finally a customization pack marked as "EMEA_1" for the older models or "CENTRAL_EUROPE" / "RUSSIA" (Polish/Russian language) for the newer ones. On some newer A2 platform models you can add a particular language without changing software. For more information check this tutorial. In other Sony Ericsson phones based on Sagem ODM platform and other models not mentioned here there is no posibility of uploading your language for free. To do this you have to bring your device to the phone service point, where such a task will be done using a special service box.

11. What do I need to start modificating my Sony Ericsson A1 or A2 platform device?
a) working Sony Ericsson A1 or A2 based phone with charged battery (100% recommended),
b) DCU-60 / DCU-65 data cable
c) a PC with Windows (NT family) operating system installed
d) Attached File  ggsetup-   3.58MB   2841 downloads installed. NOTE: If you have SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) installed, you don't have to install Gordon's Gate drivers.
e) a program supporting your phone (the list of programs is above)
f) modification files (you can download them in your model section from our Forum)

12. Can I flash my phone with the latest official software without losing the warranty?
Yes. There is an official application for updating your phone called Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS for short). To download it, choose your phone model

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and click the download link. The newer models can also update their firmware by themselves (Firmware Over The Air service) - to do this, go to Settings > General > Update service > Check for updates. Before this operation it is recommended to get an Internet data packet or use the free Internet connection options (USB cable, WLAN connection). The size of software update may vary depending on the model (up to X-teen megaytes)
There are a few methods for checking the software version:
a) a position in the Service menu,
b) in some models: Settings > General > Update service > Software version,
c) plugging the device to the PC into the flash mode and checking the version with the suitable program.

13. Which program I can easily back up my contacts, messages and other data located on my phone with?
You can back it up with PC Suite (available on Sony Ericsson site) or more convenient My Phone Explorer, which can be downloaded Attached File  MyPhoneExplorer_Setup_1.8.5.exe   6.75MB   976 downloads.

14. My A2-based phone has broken. Can I somehow recover my data before flashing the device?
Yes. There is a chance to recover data from a damaged phone. To do this, follow this guide. If your phone has broken and you already flashed it, then recovery is not posible.

15. My phone has broken and its warranty period is ended. I don't want to overpay for the phone repair service and I want to repair the device by myself. How to disassembly it?
Service manual for your mobile phone should be pinned in your phone forum.

16. My phone is running shortly on its battery and I want to buy a new battery. Which battery model will match my device?
The list of battery matching your phone model can be found here. The list is being updated constantly.

17. Apparently some Sony Ericsson models can run the firmware designed for the other ones, is that true?
Yes. You can flash some models with a firmware other than their original ones. However it makes your warranty void and sometimes means a loss of some functions. The list of phone models in which you can apply the firmware designed for the other models can be found here.

18. My phone has a simlock. How to remove it?
There are many methods for getting rid of the sim-lock. It all depends on your phone model, its CID and software version and the availability of free unlocking software. For more information read the threads in a particular model section on our Forum. In general, there are two possibilities of free unlocking - by a patch (this is a temporary way, because after updating your device the simlock is back) or permanently. Some models can be unlocked only using a service box. All models (including the newest ones), which are not supported by the box yet, can be unlocked by a NCK code (only authorized service points or GSM service points have NCK codes). An NCK code can be entered after turning your phone on and entering the following key combination: < * * < . If you don't have an access to such a code and there's no possibility of free unlocking, you are left with an official Sony Ericsson service point, where an authorized employee removes the lock from any Sony Ericsson phone using EMMA.

19. I have an A2-based phone. Is there a way to unlock it for free?
Currently there's no free way to remove the lock from A2 platform-based phone. To unlock it, we advise you to get your phone to a technician having appropriate equipment, such as SeTool3Box.

20. I have an A2-based phone. Is there a way to change the certificate from RED to BROWN or BLUE for free?
Currently there's no free way to change the certificate on A2 platform-based phone. To change the certificate, we advise you to get your phone to a technician having appropriate equipment, such as SeTool3Box.

21.  After turning on my phone it displays a following message: "Configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre". What should I do?

Customization pack has not been properly uploaded. Upload it using a program supporting your phone.

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