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Цветовые варианты телефонов Sony и Sony Ericsson.

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 12:30



C510: Future Black, Radiation Silver, Energetic Red
C702: Cool Cyan, Speed Black, Energy Black, Pitch Black
C901: Noble Black, Precious Peach, Sincere Silver, Ocean White (Green Heart), Mocha Gold, Aluminium Haze ZS (Green Heart)
C902: Swift Black, Cinnamon Bronze, Titanium Silver
C903: Lacquer Black, Techno White, Glamour Red, Metal Pink, Warm Silver
C905: Night Black, Ice Silver, Copper Gold, Tender Rose.


D750: Lustrous Blue


F100 (Jalou™): Aquamarine Blue, Deep Amethyst, Onyx Black, Sparkling Rose
F305: Polar White, Mystic Black, Raspberry Red, Tectonic Grey


G502: Champagne Black, Brilliant Hazel, Celerity Red
G700: Silk Bronze, Mineral Gray
G705: Silky Gold, Majestic Black
G900: Dark Red, Dark Brown

Green Heart :gh:

J10 (Elm™): Metal Black, Pearly Rose
J20 (Hazel™): Superior Black, Passionate Rouge, Quicksilver
J105 (Naite™): Vapour Silver, Ginger Red
J108 (Cedar™): Black/Silver, Black/Red


J100: Polar White, Twilight Blue
J110: Smooth Grey, Soft Cream, Precious Purple
J120: Night Black
J132: Night Black, Heaven Blue
J200: Black
J210: Mineral Silver, Floral Green
J220: Smooth Black, Sky Blue
J230: Cosmo White, Cherry Red, Deep Blue
J300: Plucky Pink, Sensitive White, Midnight Grey


K200: Metallic Black, Light Champagne
K220: Frost White, Ocean Blue
K300: Visual Blue, Smooth Silver
K310: Misty Silver, Shadow Blue
K320: Light Brown, Graphite Grey
K330: Gold on Black, Green on Black, White
K500: Virtual Silver, Cosmetic Blue
K508: Lunar Silver, Twilight Black
K510: Midnight Black, Polished Purple, Seductive Red
K530: Warm Silver, Thunder Black, Fiery Red
K550: Jet Black, Pearl White, Plum Ruby
K600: Aluminium Silver
K610: Urban Silver, Evening Red, Misty White, Urban Black
K618: Vibrant Black, Bright White
K630: Havana Gold, Quick Black
K660: Lime on White, Wine on Black, Cyan on Black, Silver on Black
K700: Optic Silver, Blue Tinted Silver
K750: Oxidized Black, Metallic Red, Blasted Silver
K770: Truffle Brown, Ultra Violet, Sandy Beige, Henna Bronze, Soft Black, Natural Brown, Serene Black
K800: Velvet Black, Allure Brown, Royale Silver, Concrete Silver
K810: Noble Blue, Golden Ivory, Pulse Red
K850: Luminous Green, Velvet Blue, Quicksilver black


M1 (Aspen™): Iconic Black, White Silver
M600: Granite Black, Crystal White


P1: Silver Black
P800: Electric Blue, Dark Grey
P900: Urban Gray
P910: Urban Grey
P990: Premium Silver


R300: Antique Copper, Steel Black
R306: Coffee Black, Champagne White, Lustrous White


S302: Thunder Grey, Crystal Blue
S312: Dawn Blue, Honey Silver
S500: Mysterious Green, Spring Yellow, Contrasted Copper, Ice Purple, Steel Silver, Ed Hardy Edition
S600: Universe blue, Orchid white, Radiant Yellow
S700: Arctic Silver
S710: Onyx Black


T68: Arctic Blue, Mineral Grey
T100: Icy Blue, Gentle Gold, Fresh White, Soft Silver
T105: Steel Grey, Vibrant Turquoise
T200: Ebony Black, Ice Blue
T230: Blade Gray, Steel Blue
T250: Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black
T280: Black on Silver, Copper on Silver, Firmanent Blue, Blossom Pink
T290: Black, White
T300: Icy Blue, Midnight Red, Mystical Green
T303: Shimmering Silver, Shadow Black, Blossom Pink, Cherry Pink
T310: Flaming Gold, Fashion Blue, Funky Purple
T600: Moonlight silver, Marine Blue, Sand Gold
T610: Aluminium Haze, Abyss Blue, Volcanic Red
T630: Liquid Black, Frosty Silver
T650: Growing Green, Midnight Blue, Eclipse Black, Precious Gold
T700: Black on Silver, Black on Red, Shining Silver, Shining Black, Gold on Red, Shining Pink, Shining Gold, Gold on Pink
T707: Mysterious Black, Spring Rose, Lucid Blue, Lime Forest, Sensitive Bronze, Dark Grape
T715: Galaxy Silver, Rouge Pink
TM506: Chrome Amber, Emerald Green, Scarlet Red


U1 (Satio™): Black, Silver, Bordeaux
U5 (Vivaz™): Moon Silver, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue, Venus Ruby, Light Pink
U8 (Vivaz Pro™): Black, White
U10 (Aino™): Obsidian Black, Luminous White
U100 (Yari™/Kita™): Achromatic Black, Cranberry White, Metal Rose


V600: Moonlite Silver
V630: Vibrant Black, White
V640: Havana Gold, Quick Black
V800: Ebony Black, Ceramic White, Pure Copper

Posted Image

W8: Azure Blue, Metallic Red, Iconic Orange
W20 (Zylo™): Jazz Black, Nebula Red, Chacha Silver, Meteorite White, Energetic Black, Swing Pink
W100 (Spiro™): Contrast Black, Sunset Pink, Spring Green, Stealth Black
W150 (Yendo™): Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
W200: Rythm Black, Pulse White, Grey, Sweet Pink, Aquatic White, Mono Blue
W205: Ambient Black, Creamy White, Sakura Pink, Windy Blue
W300: Shadow Black, Shimmering White, Lime Green
W302: Midnight Black, Sparkling White, Indigo Blue
W350: Electric Black, Ice Blue, Hypnotic Black, Graphic White, Wisteria Purple, Turbo Red, Soft Pink
W380: Electric Purple, Magnetic Grey, Champagne Black, Tangerine Black
W395: Dusky Grey, Blush Titanium, Fiesta Black, Happy Pink
W508: Metal Grey, Poetic White, Sunny Orange, Forest Green, Architectural Purple, Mysterious Graffiti, Midnight Summer, Splashed Art, Radial Blue, Street Hip-hop
W550: Vibrant Orange, Orchid White, Universe Blue
W580: Style White, Urban Grey, Boulevard Black, Metro Pink, Jungle Green, Velvet Red
W595: Jungle Grey, Lava Black, Ruby Black, Cosmopolitan White, Active Blue, Peachy Pink, Sandy Gold, Ed Hardy Edition
W595s: Dusty Blue, Electric Steel
W600: Vibrant Orange
W610: Plush Orange, Satin Black
W660: Record Black, Rose Red, Silk White
W700: Titanium Gold
W705: Luxury Silver, Passionate Red
W710: Performance Graphite, Hatha Violet
W715: Galactic Black, Luxury Silver, Garnet Black
W760: Rocky Silver, Fancy Red, Intense Black
W800: Smooth White
W810: Satin Black, Fusion White
W850: Precious Black, Golden White
W880: Flame Black, Steel Silver, Pitch Black, Classic Gold
W890: Sparkling Silver, Espresso Black, Mocha Brown
W900: Black, White
W902: Volcanic Black, Wine Red, Earth Green
W910: Hearty Red, Noble Black, Havana Bronze, Silky White, Lipstick Pink, Prime Silver
W950: Mystic purple
W960: Vinyl Black
W980: Piano Black, Opera Brown, Violin Red
W995: Progressive Black, Cosmic Silver, Energetic Red
Mix Walkman™: Black/Chrome, Black/Gold, Pink cloud band on Black Phone, Pink band on Black Phone, Green bird band on Black phone, Green band on Black phone
Live with Walkman™: Black, White


X1: Solid Black, Steel Silver
X2: Elegant Black, Modern Silver
X5 (Pureness™): Black
X8: Black, White
X10: Sensous Black, Luster White
X10 mini: Black, White, Pink, Lime, Red, Silver, Gold
X10 mini pro: Black, White, Red, Pink
active: Orange band with black back cover - white extra cover in the kit, White band with black back cover - white extra cover in the kit
arc: Midnight Blue, Misty Silver
arc S: Gloss Black, Midnight Blue, Misty Silver, Pure White, Sakura Pink
mini: Black, White
mini pro: Black, White
neo: Blue gradient, Red, Silver
neo V: Blue gradient, Silver, White, Champagne Gold
PLAY: Black, White, Stealth Blue, Wild Orange
pro: Black, Red, Silver
ray: Black, Gold, White, Pink


Z200: Velvet Blue, Cosmo Silver, Frosty White, Pulse Red
Z250: Morning White, Silent Black
Z300: Granite Grey, Amethyst Purple
Z310: Jetset Black, Lush Pink, Brush Bronze
Z320: Crimson Red, Atlantic Blue
Z520: Light Blue, Pale Purple, Pale Pink, Pale Yellow
Z525: New Blue
Z530: Soft Black, Chromic Grey, Elegant Red
Z550: Sterling Black, Pearl Copper
Z555: Diamond Black, Dusted Rose
Z600: Silver Mesh, Space Silver, Cosmo Black, Powder Blue, Rainbow Stripe, Silky Red, Coral Red, Aluminum Green
Z610: Luster Black, Airy Blue, Rose Pink
Z710: Twilight Black, Metallic Sand
Z750: Phantom Grey, Rose Pink, Mysterious Purple, Platinum Silver
Z770: Vogue Red, Graphite Black, Exquisite Gold
Z780: Grand Onyx, Amethyst Silver
Z800: Linera Silver
Z1010: Night red, Precious silver


txt: Black, Blue, White, Pink
txt pro: Black, White, Pink

Sony Ericsson for Japan

acro: Ruby, Black, White
acro HD: Aqua Blue, Sakura Pink, Black, Ceramic White, Rouge
iida G9: Mirror Pink, Green Black, Titanium Silver
iida G11: Blue, Orange, Black
NX: Black, White
Premier 3: Noble Black, Passionate Pink, Sparkling Gold
S001: Olive Gold, Bronze, Magenta, Black, Blue, Red, White
S002: Deep Blue, Pearl White, Precious Pink
S003: Crystal White, Flash Pink, Laser Blue, Metallic Charcoal
S004 Bravia: Platinum White, Stardust Pink, Onyx Black
S005 Bravia: Vivid Red, Sugar Pink, Cool Blue
S006: Gold Feather, Bloom Pink, Aurora Black
S007: Pink Wink, White Glitter, Sparkling Blue
Urbano Affare: Classy Olive, Real Black, Luxe Pink, Solid Silver
Urbano Barone: Premium Black, Luxury Olive, Pink
Urbano Mond: Precious Silver, Deep Blue, Pink Pearl, Espresso Brown
U1 Bravia: Sapphire Black, Red, Gold
W61s: Prism White, Spectrum Pink, Shadow Black
W62s: Black Rose, Silver Leather, White Lime
W63s: Glossy White, Blooming Pink, Clean Green, Active Orange, Sleek Silver, Luminous Gold, Deep Red, Silky Lavender, Lustrous Blue, Mat Black
W64s: Pink Diamond, Snow White, Lattice Black, Blue Mist, Flower Pink, Shine Gold
W65s: Black, Green - Blue, Purple - Pink, Turquoise - White



acro S: Black, White, Pink
E: Black, White, Pink
E dual: Black, Gold
go: Black, White, Yellow
ion: Black, Red
ion LTE: Black
J: Black, White, Pink, Gold
L: White, Black, Red
M: Black, White, Purple, Yellow
M dual: Black, White, Purple
miro: Black, Black with pink carved in, White with silver carved in, White with gold carved in
neo L: Black, White
P: Black, Silver, Red
S: Black, White
SL: Silver, Black, White, Pink
SP: White Silver, Red, Black, Apricot
sola: Black, White, Red
tipo: Classic Black, Classic White, Deep Red, Navy Blue
tipo dual: Serene Black, Classic Silver
T: Black, Silver, White
TX: Black, Pink, White
U: Black, Pure White
V: Black, White, Pink
Z: Black, White, Purple
ZL: Black, White, Red
ZR: Black, White, Pink, Mint
Z Ultra: Black, White, Purple
Z1: Black, White, Purple

Sony for Japan

A: Black, White, Pink, Mint
AX: White, Black, Pink, Blue
GX: White, Black
SX: Black, White, Pink, Orange
UL: Black, White, Pink
VL: Pink, White, Black, Blue
Z1f: Black, Pink, White, Lime

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